Maguire Iron Company LLC

Introduction to our Hardware




The articles on this website are re-created from patterns of authentic English and Continental fittings developed from the 16th to the early 20th Centuries. Using the best quality of malleable iron, most items are forged and finished by hand, resulting in a unique and complete line of hardware different from the mass-produced, standardized fittings common to most structures today.

In the past, limited ranges of patterns, lack of compatible locks, and difficulties of supply often discouraged architects and owners from choosing the antique hardware which they felt would truly enhance the appearance of new or remodeled buildings. Many contractors, too, were reluctant to abandon standardized methods of production installations and take the time to become familiar with period hardware.

Maguire Iron Company LLC offers for the first time a comprehensive line of available antique hardware with compatible locks and accessories needed for a full functional installation.

With the exception of a few items such as antiqued American standard butt hinges, all articles are manufactured by the Kirkpatrick, Ltd. Foundry in Walsall, England, and most locks are made by J. Legge & Co., Ltd., in Willenhall, England. Both firms have been in continuous existence for over 100 years, and excel in their fields. Maguire Iron Corporation stocks most of the iron forgings and locks in varying quantities.