Maguire Iron Company LLC

Basic Maintenance Instructions


The metal under the black coating of Dull Black iron articles is iron-gray, and will be revealed in places with usage, giving the appearance of antique patina desired by most designers and owners. Periodic wiping with a lightly-oiled cloth is the only maintenance required and recommended. Permanent jet black finish can be maintained, if preferred, by touching up with a good-quality metal paint when necessary, usually every three or four years. After the paint is thoroughly dry, periodic wiping with a lightly-oiled cloth should be resumed.

Exposed surfaces of Armour Bright articles are rust proofed by the process of sherardizing, and need only be wiped down with a clean duster. Light wax polish may be used if applied sparingly.

Brass and Bronze articles are coated with a metal lacquer. This only provides temporary protection since all lacquers will break down eventually. In the case of highly-polished brass and bronze hardware, lacquer breakdown and inevitable nicks and scratches result in discolouration and unsightly spotty deposits that can only be mended by regular cleaning with a metal polish after all lacquer is removed with lacquer stripper. This procedure is not necessary with antique finish articles. The textured and hammered surface with irregular dark spots is a feature of this hardware, and aging through exposure and wear enhances its characteristic appearance.

As with all hardware, a little oil or graphite periodically applied to moving parts will assure smooth operation. Moving parts of articles installed in an exterior location should be greased.